La Boom Dress Code Policy


At La Boom, we strive to create an environment that reflects our commitment to style and sophistication. To maintain this atmosphere, we kindly request that all guests adhere to our dress code policy. This policy helps ensure a comfortable and elegant experience for everyone.

General Guidelines:

Dress to Impress: We encourage a fashionable, polished look. Our dress code ranges from smart casual to sophisticated chic.

Prohibited Items: The following items are not allowed:

  • Athletic wear, including gym shorts, sweatpants, and sports jerseys.
  • Oversized or baggy clothing.
  • Work boots, flip-flops, or beach sandals.
  • Baseball caps, bandanas, and do-rags.
  • Clothing with offensive prints or slogans.

For Men:

Recommended: Collared shirts, dress slacks, clean and stylish jeans, and dress shoes.

Discouraged: Sleeveless shirts, tank tops, and shorts.

For Women:

Recommended: Dresses, skirts, dress pants, stylish tops, and elegant footwear.

Discouraged: Excessively revealing clothing.

Special Events:

Dress codes for specific events may vary. Please refer to the event details for any additional dress code requirements.


Certain theme nights or special events may have specific dress requirements, which will be communicated in advance.

Entry Discretion:

La Boom reserves the right to refuse entry to any guest who does not meet the dress code standards. The door staff's discretion is final.

Respect and Inclusivity:

Our dress code is designed to create a respectful and inclusive environment. Clothing that conveys discriminatory, offensive, or derogatory messages is strictly prohibited.


We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to our dress code policy. By doing so, you help us maintain the high standard and enjoyable atmosphere that La Boom is known for.