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Minimum Spend

All table reservations will be required to meet a certain table minimum amount (the ‘Minimum Spend’), which will be communicated to the guest when the reservation is booked. The Minimum Spend does not include applicable tax, venue fees or gratuity. The amount of the Minimum Spend may differ from the amount the guest actually spends on alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (the ‘Actual Spend’) on the date of the reservation (the ‘Reservation Date’).

Actual Spend, Tax and Gratuity

All reservations will be charged the following on the Reservation Date:

  • Actual Spend: Guest will be charged the balance of the Actual Spend.
  • Sales Tax: Guest will be charged sales tax, which is currently 4.5% and subject to change, on the Actual Spend.
  • Gratuity: Guest will be charged a server gratuity of 18% on Actual Spend or Minimum Spend, whichever is greater.